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As part of the Data Transparency Project, OPCA hosts quarterly calls focused improving the metrics selected as a focus for the group. 

Though a call for the project occurs monthly with the Data and Quality Improvement staff at Oregon's centers, the topic of focus for each month rotate quarterly. See below for a brief description of the calls.

  • Quarterly Data/QI Review - Each group reviews their data and discusses best practices with other community health centers in their same group. 
  • Quarterly Learning & Sharing Session - During our Learning and Sharing Sessions clinics learn about best practices from regional and national presenters for one of the Data Transparency metrics. In addition to hearing from local and national presenters, as part of these sessions 1-2 Oregon clinics that excel in the metric chosen for that month also share examples of their workflows and data as they tell their story of what changes they made to improve that metric. 
  • Quarterly Measurement & Improvement Call - As part of these calls, OPCA presents on a data/QI topic of focus as elected by clinics. 

Unable to attend a call? Check out the recordings and slides for past calls below! Note: Data review discussions during the Quarterly Data/QI Review calls are not recorded and are are not posted publically. Please email Akira Templeton at  for more information. 

Data and Quality Improvement Webinar Recordings:

Quarterly Learning & Sharing Sessions  Month  Presenters Recording 
A Deep(er) Dive into Team-based Care and Creating Partnerships for CRC Screening March 2018 American Cancer Society 

A Deep Dive into the Use of RNs and CHWs on the Care Team to Enhance Patient Health Outcomes June 2018 TBD Will post when available.
Quarterly Measurement & Improvement Calls Month  Presenters


How to Reduce No Show Rates and Reach Populations Not Meeting Metrics January 2018 Macro-eyes, Outside In 
Project Retropective and Feedback Session April 2018 OPCA, peer discussion No recording available.
Quarterly Data/QI Reviews Month Presenters Recording
Data/QI Review - EHR Workflows for Diabetes Management February 2018 OPCA, peer discussion 
Data/QI Review - EHR Workflows for Hypertension Management May 2018 OPCA, peer discussion Will post when available. 


 Data and Quality Improvement Webinar Slides:

Name Date File size Hits    
April 2018 - Quarterly Measurement and Improvement Call: Project Retrospective and Feedback Session 2018-04-18 1.51 MB 24
March 2018 - Learning & Sharing Session: Supplemental Material 2018-03-28 6.1 MB 27
March 2018 - Learning & Sharing Session: "A Deep(er) Dive into Team-based Care and Creating Partnerships for CRC Screening" 2018-03-28 4.79 MB 28
February 2018 - Data/QI Review: Supplemental Material 2018-02-22 3.83 MB 36
February 2018 - Data/QI Review: EHR Workflows for Diabetes Management Version:1 2018-02-22 1.26 MB 45
January 2018 - QMIC: How to Reduce No Show Rates Version:1 2018-01-29 2.08 MB 70
Data Transparency Presentations – 2017 Version:1 2018-01-03 49.34 MB 53
Data Transparency Presentations - 2016 Version:1 2017-02-13 26.15 MB 273
Data Transparency Presentations - 2015 Version:1 2016-07-05 18.55 MB 345
Data Transparency Presentations - 2014 Version:1 2015-08-19 10.49 MB 433
Summary of Calls: 2014 - Present Version:1 2017-01-30 260.85 KB 362